Goat rearing - Things to look out for

The goat is a creature popularly known as the poor man's cow. In fact, goat rearing is a maintenance job that can be done lightly by any person. Goat rearing is one of the most relevant and self-employed ventures in today's world. Goat rearing is a start-up venture .But many people start by saying that goat rearing is very easy and then give up half way. Added below

1. Create a positive attitude

Create a positive attitude

The first thing a goat needs is a good attitude to take care of it. In addition to the fact that a goat is a creature, it must first be considered as a part of our home. I have seen the experience of not giving. Let there not be such an attitude. No matter what the business, everyone should see a good side to it. Another reason is that sheep can grow to size without getting tired only if there is good loving care.

2. Choose a good breed of goat

The most important thing for goat rearing is to select good breed sheep. When it comes to good breed sheep, they need to pay attention to the weather. It is more because they are suitable for our climate and yes there are Malabari breed of sheep and they are able to live in any part of Kerala.

I suggest you to raise Malabari goats .Because Malabari goats are weighed breeds and have two calves per year .Therefore you will have to double your income .And give at least one liter of milk .There will be at least two calves per calf. It is special .There will be three children after two calving .Then choose a good breed of goat when you are looking for a goat.

3. There are some things to keep in mind when making a sheep pen

There are some things to keep in mind when making a sheep pen

There are some things to keep in mind when making a sheep's nest .Make sure to make a wooden nest as much as possible when making a sheep's nest .Because it is for the sheep to stay cool and live comfortably inside the house .If the cold causes the sheep to get sick quickly. Arranging it like a bed will help keep it from getting cold .If you are building a large cage, try to turn it into a cage .Then try to put the lamb in a separate cage .Now in the market you will get something like fiber .It is better to spread the goat's on the ground when building the cage. Must be at least 3 m tall. This is because if goat urine and feces are mixed, the goat may get sick due to the smell.

Good ventilation can only be obtained if the sheep's nest is built at a height .Air air circulation is a factor in the growth of all living beings, including human beings. Be sure to adjust as shown in the photo so that the sheep are less sick and healthier

4. Feed and medicate the goat at regular intervals

Feed and feed the goats regularly as each interval is a good way to keep the goat in good shape .Also the sheep should always have cold water in the cage as in case the sheep are not able to take water and drink it, the sheep will naturally get tired when they are thirsty. The goat needs to be fed at regular intervals .The good times are six o'clock in the morning, nine o'clock in the afternoon, twelve o'clock in the afternoon, three o'clock in the afternoon and six o'clock in the afternoon .At six o'clock, the grass and the nutritious water, i.e. the nutrients like hot water, are rich in nutrients. The same order should be given to the food after 6 pm.

There is a difference between goat's fat and cow's fat, so pay attention to buy goat's fat itself. .Give the medicine only after taking the doctor's advice .Or sometimes it can lead to death of the goat.

5. Calculate the breeding season in advance and take precaution

The breeding time of the goat should be taken into consideration .Their time should be calculated accurately and the necessary food and medicine should be given .Then they should be housed with the lambs .But only they can have good offspring .Put the ewe in the cage near the lamb during the breeding season .Then put them together only when the time comes. Put it this way .It's best to make a rational decision during that time.

6. When the goat is reared, the type is put back

When the goat is reared, the type is put back

When rearing goats, lambs and ewes should be re-sorted, because if they lie down together, the lambs will become malnourished and exhausted. If it is a large cage, it is better not to tie the ewe

.Because their muscles move and grow as they walk .But if they do, the sheep are more likely to be bullied by their breeders. Remember, sheep are strong enough to fight up to the bull .Goats can sometimes cause fatal health problems for us lambs. Put it back in the same way .This way they can find out if they are drinking milk as well as give the medicine in a timely manner .If the lambs drink the milk without counting, it will cause fatigue to the mother and if the mother's run out of milk then all the children will not get milk and it will affect the health of the babies.

The most important thing is to raise goats .But first of all, think about whether you can afford to buy one or two goats at that time without spending a lot of money .If you realize that you have the ability to raise goats, then expand your enterprise. The price in the market is the same. I am talking about buying and raising Malabari breed goats with two calves a year.