Pigeon breeding - Things to look out for during the rainy season

Pigeon breeders need to pay attention to a lot of things during the rainy season. As a beginner I would like to share my knowledge with you.

Pigeon breeding - Things to look out for during the rainy season

       1. Diet
       Diseases are more likely to occur during the rainy season.

      If we pay attention to these things while feeding and watering, we can prevent diseases to

      some extent.
      Keep adequate feeding cages

  • If there is food left over from one day, do not give it the next day
    Always have clean water in the cage (give turmeric water occasionally)
  • Grit should be given compulsorily to pigeons kept without opening. Grit is essential for digestion
  • Grit can be made by mixing sandalwood, egg shell, brick powder, ash, soil, stone, etc. (Ready Made grit we can buy in shops).
  • Wash and dry the feed (wheat) we buy from the shops and give it to the pigeons.

    2. Clean nest and surroundings
  • A clean hive is always good for pigeon health. Pigeon droppings from the cages and the rest of the feed should be kept clean every day.
    Cages with babies are more likely to have debris, which can lead to pox and infections if left untreated.
  •  If there is a sick pigeon in the herd, keep it in a special cage and take care of it.
  • Make sure there is sunlight and ventilation inside the cage.
  • During the rainy season, replace the pigeons without breeding as much as possible.

If we pay attention to all these things, we can save the pigeons from the diseases that occur during the monsoon season.

(If there is anything left to say in this you can share it)